Learning To Play The Violin For Beginners

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Violin For Beginners:

Learning Violin for beginners is a delicate subject because everybody learns in different ways. Here is some practical advice to make things easier for you.

What is a violin?

But First, what is a violin? The word violin comes from the term “virtual” which is Middle Latin for “stringed instrument”. It belongs to the best violin family of string instruments along with cello, double bass and viola and is considered to be the smallest and highest-pitched in the group. It has four strings which are tuned a fifth apart and is shaped like an hourglass with an arching top and back to provide clearance for the bow which is used to produce the sound. The violin can be played in solo concerts or in ensembles like duets, quartets, chamber ensembles, and orchestras where it plays the “soprano” voice.

Basic stage

Now that we know what is a violin, we can move forward. In order to learn it properly, start from the basics. Learning violin is a long journey, you will find that everything is new and at times startling, however, don’t disappoint that put you. In time, you will be playing well and people will love to see you perform. You just need to put some effort and desire into it, as well as using all the available resources at hand to improve and get going.

Second stage

For violin beginners, the key is to understand what the instrument can do, and what you expect it to do in your own hands. What I mean is that you always try to become one with the instrument, to make things flow easily. It might sound too abstract, but this is true for all tools and gadgets we use: it becomes an extension of us; using it becomes second nature. Being one with the instrument is what the best musicians in the world actually experience.

Take a Violin Teacher or online course:

Choosing a great violin teacher and/or using online violin lessons are very important to your progress. You should choose one that suits your lifestyle best. Personal tutors are great, but they can be quite expensive as lessons can cost thousands of dollars. Online violin lessons for beginners are a great option to consider, because they are cheaper, and you can learn at your own pace using those methods. It is important to learn correct techniques early to avoid bad habits. It is much easier to learn a good habit than it is to unlearn a bad one.


The best advice I could give is that you feel comfortable while learning. Take your time, listen to some violin music for beginners, go on YouTube to see great violinists playing, etc. In a few words: Enjoy it! Remember to practice as often as you can and keep things positive.

A Good Tip:

A good tip on for violin beginners is: if this is something you want to play and you like the sound of it, you gonna feel good, so you’re going to enjoy a level of practical work, right?! Mozart and Beethoven, for example, each had over ten thousand hours of practice before they became famous. If you engage ten hours a day for three years straight, you would have almost done the same as they did. I don’t mean you have to do all that, C’mon, it is just to show you that it can be done.


And it’s not just learning violin. You will also get to know how to read sheet music, to recognize different notes, music theory and improvisation, which for me it’s the coolest thing. Anyway, regardless of the instrument you choose, music, by all means, is a great hobby that will reward you in many aspects of your life. Violin for beginners will be an excellent and fun journey, I’m sure.

In this blog, I’ll share with you some useful information, like violin brands, violin books, violin music for beginners and some good exercises to improve your skill set. Anyway, I wish all the excellent on your journey!

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