Top 5 best adjustable beds on 2019 Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Those days are over when people used to think adjustable beds are only for elderly and infirm people. Nowadays these beds have become common in many homes having their ultimate potential recognized. As our body shape is designed with curves and contours, traditional mattresses can’t provide support to whole body and pressure on the muscles and joints increases. Consequently, your night’s sleep and day’s rest remain incomplete.

The adjustable bed is a wonderful addition for all who want a more comfortable lifestyle. Where it’s a necessity for the people who are suffering from health issues, it also provides ultimate comfort for those who are hale and hearty.

Adjustable beds can contribute to reduce many health problems and help you to have a comfortable position while reading, watching television, using a laptop or just casual relaxing. In a word, it can improve your night’s sleep and day’s activity.

Things to consider before buying an adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are generally expensive item, hence need a proper idea before narrowing down the choice to utilize your money properly. There are few features you must consider before selecting one. To assist you in the process, we are providing an exact buying guide, so that you can choose your desired adjustable bed without any hassle.

Lifting capacity:

Lifting capacity is of crucial importance in an adjustable bed as it determines the strength to a great extent. The heavier load the bed can lift, the better it would be. Here, one thing is to remember, in this lifting capacity, the weight of mattress is also included. Generally, king size and queen sized ones come with more lifting capacity.

Remote control: Adjustable beds are elevated by an electrical motor that is controlled by a remote control that comes with the bed. This remote control sometimes can be hard-wired whereas wireless remote controls are also available and popular these days.

Wall hugger :

Wall hugger is one of the most desirable features in recent years. This premium feature definitely costs a little bit more, but worthy also. When the upper body area elevates, wall hugging feature allows it to reverse and come closer to the wall while non-hugging ones push away. So, first decide if you desire this feature or not.

Adjustable mattress: Some adjustable beds come with mattress included while in some case, you have to purchase it separately. So, when you buy mattress extra, make sure it fits your bed properly. The beds which allow all types of mattress would be more convenient.

Warranty :

All adjustable beds come with a warranty, more or less. As these items are costlier, having a warranty is definitely important so that you can get support in case of an issue. Choosing warranty of minimum 10 years would be wise.


Price is obviously an important consideration in any purchase. Here is no exception. It’s true that some extra bulks would definitely bring more comfort, but comparing different manufacturer is a wise option. If you compare the market you would definitely find your desired one at an affordable price.
Here are 5 best adjustable bed review for you to choose your desired one.

1.Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

With tons of brilliant features and benefits, Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base is something that anyone will love for sure. This adjustable bed comes with an additional pillow tilting feature along with regular head and foot tilting. This pillow tilting is helpful while reading books, watching TV or working on your laptop. By providing proper support to your head and neck by adjusting the ‘pillow tilt’, you can enjoy maximum comfort.

Unlike most other adjustable bed, this one includes programmable memory position. You can adjust this programmable memory position according to your instant need. This feature is very helpful because traditional factory preset memory position may not match your requirements as every individual is different. So, you can enjoy your favorite position by adjusting exactly how you want.

The Prodigy 2.0 includes ‘MicroHook Retention System’ which works as the retention bar. So, you can enjoy the benefit of a retention bar without extra hassle. Retention bars are being used so that the mattress doesn’t slide over at the time of raising the head. But they are annoying especially when you will make your bed. This Microhook retention system meets that necessity very well.

Prodigy 2.0 contains 4 USB ports on each side of the adjustable foundation. That means you can charge 8 devices at a time. Smartphone, iPad, Bluetooth headphones or whatever it is, 8 sockets can provide power to your power hungry devices at a stretch.

This adjustable bed base also comes with an under bed-lighting. It comes handy when you wake up at night to go to the washroom or drinking water. Built-in sleep timer option lower the bed automatically to the sleeping position from reading position after a certain period as you set the timer. Again, it also includes vibrating alarm. It will serve you without disturbing your partner. Another impressive option is snore control feature that comes with factory preset snore preventing memory position. This bed is also able to relax you after a long day through dual full body massage with a wave.


• Ultimate relaxation.
• Pillow tilting feature.
• 8 USB ports.
• Provide lighting for dark nights.
• Controls snore.
• Auto sleeping mode feature.

Cons :

  • Expensive.
  • No pulse action.

2.Dynasty Mattress S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base Set

Dynasty memory foam mattress with Legget and Platt base combination is one of the top-notch duos. It has earned users’ confident as one of the best adjustable bed pair for the money.

As the adjustable bed comes with S-cape performance design, comfort positions like zero gravity position, flat body position, relaxing posture and controllable elevation of head and foot are available for the users. It helps to relax or enjoy a deep and sound sleep. Overall, it allows enjoying your bedtime at your favorite position.

The mattress here is made of gel foam that is medium firm and ideal for all types of users. The high-end construction quality of the mattress ensures regulating the airflow as you sleep. The breathable foam aligns well with the back and keeps your body relaxed.

The bed includes two wireless remote controls to regulate each of the split king beds. These remotes are backlit and come with three customization setting. You can save three different favorite positions on the remote and then enjoy. The remote buttons are designed ergonomic and for night viewing.

The motor of the bed is absolutely quiet and stronger that can withstand 700 pounds easily. It can be adjusted to move head or feet into numerous positions.
The exclusive wall hugger design of the bed helps to relieve the stress on sore muscles. It also allows the sleeper to remain closer to the nightstand so that the bed switch and remote gets accessible at any time.

This adjustable bed has a built-in dual wave message feature for the whole body. The comforting waves outline the body rhythmically that helps to have a deep night sleep. You can also control and enable emergency power off if needed.


• Includes 2 wireless remotes.
• Easy to assemble.
• Provides supreme comfort.
• Excellent message feature.
• Helpful under bed lighting.


• Memory foam mattresses are heavy.

3.IdealBed Reverie 7s adjustable Bed Base

Available in different sizes, the attractive Reverie 7s is one of the most popular adjustable beds. This bed is constructed with high-end technology that serves you through awesome health benefits, supreme comfort and numerous luxurious options. This Bluetooth enabled latest technology adjustable bed provides precise positioning of the human body to relax, cure sleep apnea and many more.

The bed is constructed with steel material that makes it strong and durable. This adjustable bed comes with 4 corner retainer bars to keep the mattress in place which prevents the mattress from slipping or sliding off the base.

Accompanying wireless remote control features 2 customizable memory position so that you can lock your desired position. It also includes flat, zero gravity and anti-snore position which is quite helpful.

Reverie 7S features controllable Bluetooth mobile module that allows controlling the bed with any Bluetooth aided devices like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The control is provided through an app that comes free with the purchase itself.

The bed is highly recommended for those who are suffering from lower back pain, body aching and most importantly sleep apnea. It comes with 10 different messaging options which are customizable and can be controlled by the Bluetooth enabled device. You can select to use the message from head to toe at a time or head and foot separately.

The motor of the Reverie 7S is very strong and flawless. Whatever function you use it doesn’t make any disturbing sound and can lift up to 850 Ibs effortlessly.


• Comfortable and reliable.
• Compatible with all mattresses.
• Bluetooth function.
• 3D wave technology message.

Cons :

• Heavyweight.
• Only one remote.

4.GhostBed Queen Custom Adjustable Bed

Ghost Bed is one of the popular high-quality adjustable bed manufacturers at an affordable price. This queen custom power base is no exception. This bed can improve your sleep quality and overall health condition.

This bed is made of steel, hence durable enough to serve you for quite a long period. It can lift up to 750 Ibs which is quite impressive. It also includes steel retainer bar so that the mattress doesn’t slide off the bed. There is also a wireless remote control which comes with it.

This GhostBed Queen Bed Base allows head and foot elevation. Head elevation let the air to flow more freely that helps in reducing disturbing snoring. And, foot elevation helps in releasing pressure on the lower spine and increasing blood circulation that ultimately results in soothing tired and sore feet.
It includes whisper-like noiseless message technology. This in-built dual interactive message therapy helps in reducing tension and muscle fatigue. This massage therapy improves blood flow by providing more oxygen to exhausted body parts and thus contributes to keeping you active.

This adjustable bed comes with an under-bed LED light that comes handy in the night time. And there is also USB ports on each side to recharge your devices.


• Therapeutic.
• Supports zero gravity position.
• Wireless remote control.
• Easy assembly.
• Affordable price.


  • No particular cons have been found.

5.Home Life Electric Adjustable Platform Bed

Home Life Electric Adjustable Bed is one of the best options if you are looking something excellent within a limited budget. This bed is of high-quality linen construction where the frames are very solid. These two twin XL frames are highly adjustable to accommodate couples conveniently.
The motor of the bed is quiet and noiseless so your sleep or rest will not be hampered at all.

There are two remote controls that come with this bed so that you can customize your requirements.
Another good news is this bed comes almost assembled. You won’t need much time or effort to assemble it. Only a few steps are to be done that 2 people can easily complete.

For this electric bed, you won’t need any extra bulky box. A mattress is not included in the package, you will have to purchase it extra. So, get a mattress and that’s all you will need.

The best part of this electric adjustable bed is it comes at a very reasonable price.

Pros :

• Allows head and foot elevation.
• Accommodates two couples at a time.
• Doesn’t require much assemble.
• Quiet motor.

Cons :

• 2 remote control is needed to operate which may be annoying to some.

You are already aware of the pleasures of an adjustable bed. So, why to delay? Get one and enjoy the comfort. As here we have covered different types of adjustable beds, whatever your requirements are, there is definitely something for you. Just follow the above suggestions before narrowing down your choice.

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