Top 13 Best Ways To Lose Weight

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People around the globe speculate on how to lose weight fast. Weight loss means cutting down the extra or unwanted fat from our body. Accumulation of unwanted fat brings down the effective functioning of the body and makes us obese. Having a fit body is better because it wards off the attacks of any disease from the body. Weight loss is the key consideration to live a healthy life. Many people get guided wrongly or think wrongly about the ways to lose weight. So several obstetricians advise people the best ways to lose weight in the correct way. They even outline several measures to induce the weight loss in many people.

When it comes to shredding some weight, people want to lose weight quickly by means of any medicines available in the stores today. It may be helpful in the short time but the weight comes back a double fold quickly and haunts the person again. So it is better to use simple methods to lose weight rather than the fancy short term benefits. Being obese will attract many diseases and implications like coronary heart disease, health risks, BMI etc.

Weight loss Tips:

The best ways to lose weight do not advocate skipping meals and cutting down on certain essential nutrients. Instead we must eat regularly with some amount of regular exercise.

1. Do not skip meals :

Meals are an integral part of a day. Some people tend to skip meals especially breakfast. This leads to a lot of problems as we may not be able to distinguish between high fat and low fat food when we are hungry. We must set a regular eating pattern so that we may not deviate from it.

Skipping meals will not make us lose weight quicker because this strategy backfires. Since our body lacks proper supply of food, it slows our metabolism so as to conserve energy. As time passes, the outcomes are that when we eat our body will slowly use the calories as fuel, thus creating arrears of unwanted weight.

2. We should not restrict certain meals :

Many people are of the opinion that if we restrict certain types of food is the best way to lose weight. It is not so. Those foods we neglect may contain the essential nutrients we need in adequate quantities. And some people are of the opinion that eating a certain type of food for a long time may help in reducing weight. This is true in most of the cases but it depletes the body of its essential nutrients and makes us fatigued. Restricting certain foods will only make us more tempting and will make us certainly want more.

3. Eat regular small quantity of food :

No matter what we eat at any part of the day is the same whenever we eat. So having irregular pattern of food not only affects that day’s chore but also affects the body. Eating small quantity of food for some days and then eating heavily for a day or two only makes the body affected. Our body does not use the liquid relevant food calories in the same way they use the solid food calories. That is drinking liquids will not make us feel satisfied to the full the same way it does when we need any solid food. So we must check our intake of sugary juice, soda, caffeine drinks and alcoholic drinks. Consuming these beverage drinks at all part of the day per day will increase the calorie level to about 1000 and alcoholic drinks redacts the metabolism of fat, thus making it harder to burn those particular calories.

4. Focusing on a particular part of the body :

Losing weight means losing weight from all parts of the body equally. But some people focus on losing weight from a particular part of the body. This, of course helps to lose weight in that part but adversely affects the other parts of the body. So the best ways to lose weight must not be partial and must be focused on all parts of the body simultaneously.

5. Never pay attention to any false food myths :

Some people are of the opinion that foods rich in carbohydrate will increase the weight. This is totally false and ridiculous because most foods rich in carbohydrates contain little amount of food. We must try to eat wholesome grains like barley, brown rice and oatmeal rather than the rich sugary food substances. Similarly foods rich in fats should never be ignored because some essential oil fats in fish oil, nutmegs and almonds have essential fatty acids that help in the proper functioning of the body. Substituting high fat foods from our diet with low fat foods will not reduce the amount of fat because they may contain high amount of sugar that increase the fat lipid in the body.

6. Regular Exercise :

Quick tips, if you don’t have enough instrument for exercise, i recommended just buy resistance bands and start home exercise from today. When speaking about exercises, it does not mean that you have to strain your body with heavy exercises. Rather simple and usual household chores we do is essential for maintaining a healthy body. This helps us to be ourselves rather than trying hard and harming our body adversely. If we diet, we probably reap the benefits of working out a couple of times in a week.

We must do some extra physical work everyday to increase the number of calories we lose. Half an hour of medium exercise per day is sufficient to burn about 700 calories. Exercising at any time in a day is good. But exercising in the evening is particularly beneficial because our metabolic activities slows down at that part of the day. Half an hour of aerobic exercises before dinner improves our metabolism and keeps it prolonged for some more hours.

7. Green Tea :

Green tea provides the human body with ample number of nutrient benefits. One among them is weight loss. It blazes the fat stored in the body and boosts the metabolic activities of the body. The antioxidant catechizes present in the green tea increases the immunity of the body. Green tea burns about more than 71 calories of the body which accumulates to more than 8 pounds of calories a year.

8. Do not consider trying fraudulent schemes :

There are many contrivances available in the market today. Although these make the fraud people to earn money this is not true. Unfortunately many people fall prey to these schemes and witness themselves losing more money and their time. In addition these also emotionally hurt a person and will affect him psychologically. In order to avoid these, we must trust only in ourselves and try those ways which are natural and proven.

9. Drink more water :

Water is a natural elixir of life. It has been rightly said so because without water life is not possible on this planet. By drinking 1.8 of water daily is the best ways to lose weight quickly. Our body needs water to systematically metabolize fat stored in it. If we do not drink sufficient water the metabolism is likely to hardly slow down, that is it is very hard for the body to incinerate calories. Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day will help us lose weight.

10.  Spicing Our Food :

Spices not only add taste to our food but also help us lose weight. Hot peppers can increase a person’s metabolism. This is due to the presence of Capsaicin, a compound found in hot green chillies and Guinea spice peppers, which increases our body’s release of stress hormones like adrenaline, that can boost up our metabolism and ability to burn calories. Hot peppers reduce our appetite.

11. Regular sleep :

Any fluctuations in sleep results in making us obese or fat. Particularly, women who sleep no more than five hours per night have a decreased metabolic rate than those who doze for a full eight hours. So we should not skip on sleep. Having a good will reward us with extra benefits when it comes to losing weight quickly.

12. Take less amount of salt :

Salt retains water making us look and feel inflated. The salt consumed daily should exceed no more than one teaspoon of sodium everyday. So we must our salt intake, if we get more than that. Sources of salt includes edible soups, tin foods and drinks, snacks such as chips and pretzels and many more prepackaged foods.

13. Heavy Exercises or Gyms:

Training in gyms helps us build muscle tissue and helps to burn more calories. It helps the muscles to lean and helps us to slim faster. Simple exercises like some push-ups, squats or lunges. We can also use our free weights to exhibit simple biceps curls or triceps pulls anywhere at home or office. Doing these exercises for about five times per week will enable us to see a rapid change in our physique.

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