12 Best Tips To Get rid of bed bugs – Easy Remedies to prevent

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The worst nightmare one could feel at night is the thought of pests crawling on your bed and leaving you sleepless. But this is what happens to most of the people at night. The common bed bugs feed on human blood and they prefer to be around warm places. Where do bed bugs come from? They are also found near bed areas of humans because that is where their victims are found asleep and they are only a minor annoyance.

bed bugs

These are nocturnal creatures and are barely recognized. These are tiny creatures and are about 4 to 5 mm in size as adults but they can reproduce very quickly. Their bites can be seen as small red bites and can also develop into larger rash marks. Even though they do not carry any pathogenic infections they are still dangerous as they can spread so quickly that  outbreaks are common. Some people use pesticides to get rid of bedbugs but nowadays bedbugs are so resistive to them that they are unstoppable. Therefore people have resort to natural home remedies that are harmless to pets, animals, children and the environment. Do you have a question in mind like “how do you get bed bugs”?

REMEDIES TO PREVENT – Here is “How do you get rid of bed bugs”?

  1. Steam Cleaning :

The most effective way to eliminate these parasitic insects is with extreme heat. Before going to bed we must steam clean our bed and other fabrics that have high risk of being affected by bed bugs. This helps in the mass elimination of bedbugs. They cannot withstand temperatures higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit hence it is one of the best ways to clear our household off bedbugs.

  1. Lavender Oil :

    Generally, bed bugs cannot withstand the smell of any oil especially lavender oil. It has been found that bedbugs despite the smell and taste of bedbugs. In order to have a good night sleep sprinkle some on our bed, pillows and sheets at night.

  1. Caulk :

This does not eliminate them but does not allow them to enter our household, cabinets and any other points of entry into your houses. They cannot withstand it and will not find a way to enter our houses.

  1. Mint :

People from time immemorial have used crushed mint leaves to fend off any insect because the smell of mint leaves is a natural insect repellent. To ward off bugs we must store the crushed mint leaves under the beddings and also between sheets and blankets.

  1. Tea Tree Oil :

    People turn to tea tree oil as their natural anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties wards off any bedbug infestation. It can be either sprinkled in houses or mixed with cleaning products to clean our houses with it to prevent them from entering.

  1. Rubbing alcohol :

    Alcohol is a natural drying agent. When sprinkled on beds and sheets it effectively dehydrates the bedbugs and ultimately kills them.

  1. Baking soda :

Baking soda has a remarkable property to dry up the liquid content near it. Spraying them on the floor near the beds, on bed sheets and near cracks on floors can surely eliminate the pest infestation.

  1. Lemongrass :

    This herb helps in the twofold elimination of bedbugs. First it eliminates them because they cannot withstand its strong smell. Not only that it increases the acidity level of the bugs which they cannot tolerate. It is one of the most widely used and available remedy. IT is also highly quick.

  1. Clove :

Cloves have high acidity level which makes it intolerable for the bedbugs to stay at the place where it is placed. Spraying them on the beds will ensure us a good sleep free from the infestation of bed bugs.

  1. Cayenne Powder :

When cayenne powder is mixed along with ginger, the mixture makes it unbearable for the bedbugs.

  1. Talcum Powder :

Talcum powder is a powerful dehydrating agent and it helps in the clearing of the bed bugs from the sprinkled areas. After that we can clean the sheets or steam clean them to remove the bodies.

  1. Thyme :

    This herb has a very powerful smell and particularly when burned has the capacity to clean an enormous amount of bedbugs in no time. Also thyme can be spread near the borders of the house or door posts to prevent them from entering.

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