8 Tips for Budding Athletes

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Being a basketball player of my own induced me to write down this article. There has been times at your school where you would have skipped your breakfast or lunch on a match day and roaming around with an toneless void tummy. Many are unaware that consuming a healthy day on the event day will endure your spirits high and give energy to give the best of yourself.


Unlike the practice sessions and skills you acquire it is essential that there is proper diet plan being follow to ensure a top class result.



It is not wise to skip the daily breakfast, because this is the time where your whole body gets rejuvenated  after a long rest. Hence it is considered to be the vital meal for the day. Consuming food products which will endure the functions of every other organ in the body is very much recommended. Such foods may be a composition of some pulses and cereals, may be oats with milk, or an omelette with bread toast will kick-start the routine. Drinking a glass of milk is mandatory.


Athletes consider the afternoon meal as a driving force of energy in their body which is utterly baseless. The real fact is that it gives some added strength to your body and gain surplus energy for practice sessions. The afternoon meal should proportionate good amount of vitamin, proteins, carbohydrates and other essentials that are necessary for the human body. Skipping lunch and consuming light foods such as a bowl of boiled vegetables may make you feel comfortable but your tummy will start pricking very soon.


Carbohydrates is essential for sportsman and athletes who drain out their whole energy in the form of sweat. These carbohydrates can be re-infused into their body in the form of dough or cereals with some pasta added to it makes a healthy cup of carbohydrate food. It provides you stability and the drive to practice for more number of sessions every day.


People who are addicted to do heavy workouts by nature are said to be very much fond of proteins since they are the only content which is believed to improve the strong arms for every period of time. Teenage athletes should develop the practice of splitting up the consumption of protein rich food at all the three times in each day diet. They may be of any form and may also be a added supplement with some snacks to the food they consume.


The products that are rich in fat are ardently to be avoidable for the athletes only because of the reason that they not only provide UN-easiness but also they are very much hard in getting digested. This gets reflected on your face as they show some symbols of tiredness at the occurrence of event and you will not be able to cope up with the event anymore. Hence, it is advisable to intake very meager amount of fat contents before the event only if needed. Or else, fat contents can straightly be avoided.


Think of a scenario in which, you have been a part of  a prestigious tournament representing your school and you are placed in the finals which is yet to happen. You happen to enjoy the penultimate victory with friends and eat some stored foods which are not kept in proper climatic conditions , which ultimate causes a bad stomach disorder leading the way for another player to substitute yourself in the finals. How would you feel? Won’t it look very much a disappointing act?

So it wise and be prepared and alert about the food we consume before each and every match. Instead eating some kinds of nuts or other candies is acceptable to a certain level.


For a normal person, it is recommended to drink at-least 6 glasses of water everyday. So in case of a sportsman who drain out all the water content in the body always , also hold the responsibility of keeping themselves away from dehydration. Hence they have to stay alert and drink sufficient amount of water before the event to keep them in contention of the game rather than suffering out of dehydration.


It is a known fact to plan wisely about the timings of  food, just because of the reason it may have an impact on your performance which ultimately leads yourself into frustration, anger etc. Hence it is recommended to plan your food timings wisely before the start of the match. Never try to eat fully until the food reaches the starting of your food-pipe but eat full to your stomach and maintain a calm and composed activity.

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