Take advantage of your pregnancy cravings!

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If you haven’t experienced them yet, I’m sure you have heard about pregnancy cravings.  Every women seems to have at least one combination of food that is off the wall.  It’s usually things you would never fix on a normal day.  But, when you are pregnant, you are in a different playing field.

A lot of times, pregnancy cravings can be misunderstood as your body asking you for those nutrients.  No doubt this plays a role every once in a while, but I highly doubt your body ever wants you to get the nutrients from pickles dipped in caramel.  Even though you may crave it doesn’t mean it’s going to be helpful for you.  It might fill your “want” for a certain junk food, but there are better choices then most of the usual pregnancy cravings.

advantage of your pregnancy cravings

If you’ve followed anything I’ve done in the past, you surely know how important I place good nutritious habits.  Eating healthy will build the back bone to a long and happy life.

Getting all the right nutrients is even more important when you get pregnant.  You have to consider the baby from that point on.  If you aren’t getting the right nutrients for the baby to develop correctly, your body will use your body to make those nutrients.  This only goes on to a certain extent, but you should always be getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals.

Pregnancy cravings can be used in a positive way to help get all these nutrients.  Keep your head on your shoulders and think about what you think your body wants.  Replacing the more unhealthy cravings with things like fruit and vegetables are a great way to get excess vitamins for you and your baby.  Try adding something that will fulfill the craving with something healthy like dipping your fruit in chocolate.  This way you not only fulfill your craving but you get what you need as well.

Keeping your pregnancy cravings under control will also help with your after pregnancy weight loss.  If you don’t get all those unhealthy calories, you will be limiting the amount of excess weight your putting on during pregnancy.  The less weight you have to lose, the easier it is to get to your prepregnancy body.

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