Sleep Apnea Masks

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All About Sleep Apnea Masks

Sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing happens when a person in his sleep have pauses in between breathing. This shallow breathing condition is chronic and when you experience such pauses, it slightly wakes up your consciousness, therefore, disrupts your sleep.

The pauses are caused by a collapsed air passage, leading to blocked breathing. While many cases go undiagnosed, clinical experts say that sleep apnea may occur regardless of gender and age, although men and elder people are more at risk. Health conditions may also play a part; children with enlarged tonsils, overweight people, and hypertensive and diabetic patients have higher risk for sleep apnea.

A troubling condition is sleep apnea. Masks, sometimes referred to as Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, are available at drugstores everywhere. If you were diagnosed with sleep apnea, they are something for you. If you snore or sleep with someone who does, getting one should be on the top of your list. You may assume that producing awry noises when you are lying unconscious in bed is nothing to be concerned about, you’re mistaken. The common case suggests that a tissue at the back of the throat is strained but sometimes, snoring is a sign that there is something terribly wrong with you.

What It Is

Sleep apnea is an irregularity in breathing. It is accompanied by unpleasant sounds. Sometimes due to the condition, when you take a rest, you make noises that you aren’t aware of. When you were not labeled by a physician to have it, it can be challenging for you. Only the person beside you knows about it and on the process, suffers because of it. For most people, snoring is normal. According to them, the only concern about the bellowing is that it’s irritating and can deprive you of much-needed rest. However, a deeper look into the matter will tell you otherwise. The snores can be a sign of chronic diseases such as lung ailments and many types of cancer.

The Problem

Usually, having sleep apnea is a condition brought to your attention by a sleeping partner. When they have had enough of the nightly groans from you, they will begin voicing out their complaints. Although the noises are more of a problem for her, you should still do something to eliminate them. For one thing, you shouldn’t go on humiliating yourself unconsciously and for another, you don’t want to risk your health. It may be rare that snoring is associated with having a serious illness but the fact that it is a possibility is something you should not shrug off. Especially when there is an easy way to solve your issues, you shouldn’t think twice about acting upon them.

What You Can Do

Have your sleeping companion tell you if you snore or not. If you do, the best next step is to allow medical professionals to figure out a solution for you. Schedule an appointment to see your doctor and let him advise you on what to do. He may ask you to purchase a mask so as soon as you can, do it. Normally, there is no reason for panic just because you snore but with even a slight chance that it can mean you’re carrying a life-threatening disease, you should make a move to have it attended to.

Why Use Sleep Apnea Masks

The anti-snoring devices were built to provide help for everyone suffering from sleep apnea. Other than just eliminating the unpleasant noises during rest, these things ensure that a continual flow of breaths is in order. Due to the irregularity in taking in oxygen, there may be instances that your system may not be getting what it needs for a long period. It is something you don’t want to risk because it could result to brain damage. This is why when you have been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, you should wear the masks every night.

You need to do something because sleep apnea may be dangerous. When you snore, it doesn’t automatically entail that you have a chronic illness but for sure, it’s an indication that there is irregularity in the way your breathing proceeds. As soon as you can, approach a specialist for more information on your case or be assisted by a reliable medical supplier as you purchase masks.

Types of Sleep Apnea Masks

  1. Hybrid pillows
  2. Nasal pillows
  3. Oral masks
  4. Triangular masks

Choosing the Proper One

It’s important to select the right mask for you because not all kinds are suited for your own needs. It has to be dependent upon your situation. Generalizing what you should get can make things complicated for you. How these anti-snore devices work for individuals with sleep apnea is based on the user. If he chooses one that is in accord with his sleeping habits and his particular case, he won’t experience problems with it.

Here are steps to help you:

  1. Ask help from a trusted medical supplier or better yet, consult your physician.
  2. Look at your options and understand that each one functions differently.
  3. Consider which among them will be comfortable to have on as you sleep.

The Options

Shared in the best CPAP masks reviews is that nobody was ever disappointed with their purchase. You have to get the devices when you were diagnosed with sleep apnea because they are the perfect materials that could help ease your condition. When you use them regularly, you won’t deal with problems associated with the disease.

1. ResMed Masks

According to the people who authored various sleep apnea machine reviews, ResMed devices come with a class of their own. The masks are finely engineered to assist patients with high-quality care – especially the elderly folks.

2. Respironics

Respironics sleep apnea masks are probably the most sought after because they are equipped with technology that is concerned with advanced patient care. With one of the sleep apnea masks for mouth breathers manufactured by Philips Respironics, you can feel at ease that great medical care is bound for you.

What People Say about Face Masks for Sleep Apnea

Folks have varying takes in regard to CPAP and BiPAP masks. All in all though, they are impressed with the performance of the devices. Complaints were not voiced out. Some are not satisfied with the fact that a permanent solution is not provided by these machines. They say that if there is something worthy of their praise, it has to be one that won’t take care of their sleeping disorders on a momentary basis.

Others, however, couldn’t be more delighted that treatment for their condition was introduced. According to them, it does not matter if the CPAP and BiPAP devices don’t eradicate the health threat completely. So long as there is something that helps with their disorder, it’s a good thing. Sure, they want a machine that lets them recover from what they are suffering from but because nothing of the kind was built yet, they are more than grateful for the makers of the sleep apnea masks.

The Cure

In most cases, the bigger problem is in the refusal of patients to acknowledge ways to make their condition improve. Because they have doubts whether a method works or not, they are held back when it comes to their decision to take the next step. If you’re one who is suffering from the disorder, keep in mind that it is not a big deal if a technique will be a success or not.

What matters is that you have tried. When there is something you can do to make your snoring go away, do it. Specifically, when sleep apnea masks were designed to help you get rid of your medical troubles, head on over to a drugstore to get one. You can also order online if you want.

For patients of sleep apnea caused by diabetes and the likes, the sleep disorder can be lessened or remedied by treating the underlying medical conditions. Sleep apnea can also be treated by creating a larger passageway for air using mechanical devices, much like a treatment for snoring.

But this should not confuse you because not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, or vice versa. Mild apnea patients can find relief with mouthpieces and mandibular advancement appliance, which should be carefully designed by an orthodontist. For more severe cases, sleep apnea masks, such as CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure, are a more common choice.

CPAP works by gently blowing air continuously through your throat, keeping the passageway open. Since there is no more obstruction, snoring may be reduced by once you stop removing the mask, your sleep apnea will return. CPAP machines are available for home use but a technician should help you install the equipment and a doctor should advise whenever adjustments are necessary.

It provides instant relief from sleep apnea but sleeping with a plastic mask on your face may prove to be uncomfortable. Buying an equipment may seem a little over your budget but it is definitely cheaper than going for the surgical procedures.

This type of Sleep apnea cure should be fitted per patient to ensure proper flow of air without leak. Also, it should not be made from materials that are too hard or else you will still not get sleep due to discomfort. It should also fit well and not easily removed even when you move while sleeping.

There are many types of masks available in the market and if you plan to buy one, you should check whether it meets the requirements; nevertheless, it is still more proper to consult with a physician. A popular design is a mask with a headgear.

Because different patients require different medical attention (as well as different face and head shape), sleep apnea masks are also designed differently. Nasal pillow masks are perfect for those who wear glasses and who sleep on their side. A mask with ball-cap straps is the best option for patients who sleep on their side or their abdomen, without worrying about the mask falling off.

If you have a moderate case of sleep apnea and you are prescribed to take in high pressures of air, you might want to get a mask with two side straps for a snug fit.
Buying a sleep apnea mouthpiece will depend on the severity of your condition and/or the diagnosis of your doctor but you don’t have to worry because you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can also read more about mouthpiece for snoring details for further readings.

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