Sleep Aids: Is it Necessary and useful?

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Is it Necessary

There are a number of unfortunate people who suffer from sleeping troubles. These people, no matter what they try, just find it very hard to get sleep to come. But because there are a lot of over the counter sleep aid medications available now, these people find themselves adding up to the growing number of sales that sleep aid medications get on the market.

The pain of getting no sleep at all at night is enough to get someone reach out for a sleeping pill. While the need for it may be understandable, it is important to first note the effects, good and bad, that taking in a sleep aid medication can bring.

Sleeping pills offer a short-term solution to the troubles of sleepless nights. It helps those who are going to travel to another country with a different time zone; it also helps those who are going through recovery period after a surgery. These pills are recommended to be used only when needed and not as part of a daily regimen much like taking in vitamins in the morning.

While taking in sleep aid medications may help in the moment that it is needed, it doesn’t cure the original cause of having sleeping problems. Also, just like any other chemical based formulations, sleeping pills may cause unpleasant side effects when taken constantly. One of these side effects is being still drowsy the next day after taking in the pill. Also, one may become too dependent on it instead of doing other measures to get sleep, and if one keeps taking it more often than it should be, the pill might not work and one will have to resort to a higher dose.

There are, however, other natural methods to induce sleep. These methods are more highly recommended than taking in pills. Natural relaxing practices include these methods and it helps one practice how to relax the body and calm the mind. Though effects of these may vary from one person to another, this option’s still, without having to take in pills, smarter than letting oneself become drug dependent.

Is It Useful?sleep aid

Sleep is one thing which we cannot do without. There are millions of people around the world who get so tied up with work that they do not make out enough time to sleep. Even when they have very little time, they get so preoccupied, thinking about other things at night, that it gets so difficult for them to fall asleep. Such people usually do everything possible to sleep. Quite often, they have very little or no sleep, yet they want to maintain a healthy life. Unfortunately, it turns out that these nocturnal beings use a sleep aid often, and this has been proven to have its own issues with the body.

Sleep aids are generally meant for short-term use. Unfortunately, people have become addicted to some these aids; and that is where a problem really arises. Long periods of not being able to sleep at night (insomnia) are quite often symptoms of a medical or psychological condition. Such is not treated with a sleep 


aid. Sleep aids are used in treating conditions that range from side effects, drug tolerance, and drug dependence, as well as withdrawal symptoms, drug interactions, and rebound insomnia. They can also be used to mask an underlying problem. Sleep aids are most effective when used as a relief for short-term conditions like crossing many time zones and recovering from a medical procedure. Sometimes too, when the insomnia is severe, they can be used at the beginning of treatment.

Sleeping pills generally have side effects. In fact, research has proven that all of them do. The side effects come depending on the drug, how regularly it is taken and the dosage. Some of the commonest side effects are a headache, dizziness, muscle aches, dry mouth, constipation, concentration problems, daytime sleepiness, unsteadiness and rebound insomnia. It is always important to check with a medical doctor when a sleep aid is to be used.

So much can be said about sleep aids, but the take-home message is that they have long-term consequences on the body. Some people use them on a daily basis, and this is not good for their health. Usually, insomnia is controlled simply by a change in lifestyle. Only when this therapy fails should an individual go for a sleep aid.

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