9 Simple Tips for Healthy Life

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Great health is great wealth, but we rather choose to run after wealth and end up sick and tired, I am not saying we don’t care about health. Each and every one of us do care about our health but we don’t want work out in gym or get up early in the morning for a walk or jog. Even if you indulge yourself in some physical activity by working out in gym you can stay fit but not healthy, staying healthy can only be achieved from having set of daily choices.

9 Simple Tips for Healthy Life

It simply starts from taking decisions and sticking to it.

Yes it starts from making choices you should start preparing schedule about diet and exercises, scheduling about exercises doesn’t mean spending hours gym, it’s all about 30 minutes walk in the morning  or a yoga session, before opting for yoga session make sure you learn it from a expert.

 Start healthy:

Start your morning with a glass of water because it is essential to hydrating your body after a long night fast, it’s an excellent way to start your morning. Try Including berries in your morning breakfast because of their rich content in Vitamin C which will kick start your immune system.

 Cook at your home:

Cooking at home helps you in two ways; first you can cut down excess oil, sugar and seasonings that restaurant use to make the food attractive and helps you to escape from “Chinese restaurant syndrome”; second you can keep track of how many calories you are consuming.

 Ditch Sugar and salt:

Sugars are not part of healthy diet and they lack nutrients. Instead of sugar opt for bananas, sweet berries and apples. Sugar makes your digestive process messy and ages your skin and also affects your appetite. Salts increase your blood pressure level which leads to hypertension, so Instead of using salt opt for herbs like basil, oregano, tarragon, parsley, coriander.

 Spend little time outside:

Walk through your local park each day or take stroll around your neighborhood. If you have a dog take it out too it rejuvenates your mind and enlighten your spirits and reduces depression compared to indoor tread mill and exposes us sun which is a natural source of Vitamin D.

 Practice active commuting:


It’s important to do activities whenever you can especially when your work is all about sitting in a chair, you can choose stairs instead of elevators and rely on public transportation instead of bikes or cars, if you can walk or cycle to work it’s a way better option.

 Love your sleep:

Sleeping detoxifies your body and resets itself. It is as important as your food. If you don’t get enough sleep it causes depression, weight gain and anxiety. 8 to 10 hrs sleep is must for everyone; avoid stimulants for sleeping and try to wake up without help of an alarm clock.

 Be Social:

Try spending some time with your family and neighbors remember we are all social people it relives you from stress enhance your mood and promote longer life. Even try spending some time with your colleagues and discuss things apart from work.

 Be Energetic:

Always maintain positive outlook and energy even if things are not going as planned. People with positive mindset can make huge impact both in family and work. Positive spirited people always help others to push hard to reach their goal. Whenever you are stressed about work and commitments shut down your PC and turn off your phone cancel all your appointments, relax for about 10 minutes and start over again, this rejuvenates your mind and body.

 Don’t be negative:

Ditch all your negative thoughts and don’t think why you can’t do something or be like somebody, stop comparing you with others because we are humans not products. Each and everyone are unique and have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you can change your mindset you have the power to change your future.

 Try Something New:

Most people drop healthy habits because it’s boring, quite repetitive and they lose passion for staying healthy, so the answer to this issue is to try new activity every week like opting for a new cooking method, changing you work atmosphere, tweaking your workout methods and having a cheat day to satisfy your guilty pleasure by treating yourself with a food or drink you love.

Following these tips may look easy but trying to stick with that for your entire life may be difficult to practice this for your entire life but not impossible, living for 70-80 years is not great but being physically and mentally healthy for your whole life is something we all looking forward to, so plan your life according to it.

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