The pregnancy diet plan you don’t want to miss…

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Are you trying to eat a healthy diet while still trying to get enough food for your baby inside you?  I know it can be frightening imagining yourself not being able to lose the extra weight you put on through pregnancy.  It’s okay though.  As long as you follow a good pregnancy diet plan and get plenty of exercises, you will have no problem shedding the pounds later on.

During your pregnancy, the rules of eating a healthy diet can be slightly bent.  Not broken, just bent.  Many women have thought the cravings you experience are what the baby wants and your body is asking for.  This can be true at times but learn to recognize what the body truly desires.

There are some important nutrients you want to make sure you get enough in a pregnancy diet plan.  These things include protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Vitamin D, folic acid, and essential fats.  Each day you should be getting enough of these nutrients in your system for you and your baby.

This example pregnancy diet plan contains all of these nutrients:


Bowl of honey nut cheerios, glass of orange juice, banana


10 Saltine crackers, peanut butter, glass of milk


Large spinach leaf salad, roasted chicken


Apple, handful of almonds


Sweet potato, salmon, broccoli and carrots

Yum!  Depending on your current weight, the portion sizes will be different.  Those meal choices cover all the necessary nutrients.  To ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals, I do suggest you take a prenatal vitamin.  Always talk with your doctor first though.

It’s easy to put together nice and healthy diet plans.  The above pregnancy diet plan comes out to right around 2000 calories using average portion sizes.  Remember, you have to eat larger than you did before pregnancy.  You may have to scale the portion sizes up or down depending on your metabolic needs.

Even when you have a planned meal schedule, don’t neglect your cravings.  Remember to think about what your craving and evaluating if it’s a good choice or not.  If the food you are craving is a poor food choice, look for healthy alternatives.

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