Nutritional Benefits Of Almonds

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Almonds belong to the family of nut fruits. They are native to the middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Turkey and in all parts of South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indochina. Besides they are also grown in Philippines, Central America, Australia, Polynesia, Madagascar and West Africa. Almond is an edible and the most cultivated seed in the world. They are available in all time of the year. Loads of benefits are available in the Almonds.

This nutrients rich nut, Almond has a rich source of vitamin E, phosphorous, niacin, iron, selenium, magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium. Comparatively almonds are packed with rich beneficial components. They are two types of almonds like bitter and sweet almonds. Sweet almonds are used in cooking , medicinal purposes and also as a garnish whereas from bitter almonds almond oil is extracted which is used to impart flavor. They are also eaten raw. Almond milk is a common tasty beverage. Almonds when consumes early in the morning before food quickens the sucking up of the nutrients. Some people also soak them for a day so that it is able to eat in the morning.

Nutritional Benefits Of Almonds

  1. Regulates the nervous system :

Almonds help in the overall development of the brain by


promoting the intellectual level as it contains two vital brain nutrients namely L-carnitine and riboflavin. So people consider it to be a vital food for young children.The increase in brain activity results in new neural pathways. This prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Thus almond and its derivatives are beneficial to the overall performance of the nervous system.

  1.  Cholesterol Regulation :

Almonds helps to maximize the high density lipo-proteins level  and they minimize the low density lipo-proteins level . This stability is vital for maintaining an optimum cholesterol level.

  1. Bone Development :

Almonds are rich in many vitamins, minerals and phosphorous. Phosphorous maximizes the endurability of bones and also protects us against osteoporosis.

  1. Heart :

Almonds are rich in potassium, mono-unsaturated fat


s and proteins and is good for proper heart functions. Vitamin E and magnesium lower the risk of heart diseases and attacks respectively. Almonds prevent inflammations in arteries. Folic acid present in almonds minimizes the risks of formation of plaque. The flavonoids in their skin form a protective barrier against wall damage of arteries. Almonds do not cause stress of oxidation.

  1.  Stabilizing alkalinity of the Body :

Almonds stabilize the alkalinity of the body. Almonds are rich in alkali materials which increase the immunity. Vitamin E checks the dangerous free radicals in and removes them as they promote chronic diseases. Vitamin E found in almonds cure all diseases like cancer.

  1. Health Of Skins :

The benefits of almonds to skin health are advantageous. Doctors prescribe almond oil massages for newborn babies. Soaps are also manufactured using almond Milk


because it improves the skin complexion.

  1. Anti Inflammatory Ability :

Fatty acids are needed to maintain the overall health. The two fatty ac

Benefits Of Almonds

ids linolenic and linoleic acids lower the inflammation. They also minimize bad cholesterol and they enhance healthy hair and skin.

  1. Systolic Blood Pressure :

Almond is rich in potassium which regulates blood pressure. They have very low quantity of sodium that controls blood pressure. Stabilized minerals and vitamins are necessary for a hygienic life. In the absence of essential nutrients the body suffers from  increased blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

  1. Energy Production :

Almonds promotes energy and metabolism with the help of Riboflavin, manganese and copper. Almonds does not build up fat or calories.

  1. Prevention of Cancerous Cells :

Almonds enhance the motion of food in the colon thus eliminating colon cancer. The high-fiber content of almonds minimizes the risk of colon cancer.

  1. Protects against Diabetes :

Almonds lower the increase in insulin and glucose level. This stabilization protects from the harmful increase in sugar level. Almonds help to maintain the engrossment of glucose making us lead a smooth and happy  life.

  1. Protects Pregnant Mothers :

Almonds lower the birth defects in babies. Almonds influences cell development and tissue growth. Folic acid are prescribed by doctors to pregnant mothers to have a proper formation of the neural tube.

  1. Weight Loss Programs :

Almond milk are suggested to those who aspire to lose some weight. The Almonds suppresses appetite and stops overeating with the presence of mono-unsaturated fat and dietary fiber. Researchers have proved that a food rich in almond and low calorific is vital for obese people. Bowel movements are aided by the fibers which reduce weight and also helps in the  removal of toxic substances

  1.  Easy Bowel Movements :

Almonds like other fiber rich foods reduces the risks of constipation. It is advisable to drink a glass of water with almonds to improve the digestive processes. The risks of Alzheimer’s disease is prevented by almonds. Enhancing many neural networks and connections can stop Alzheimer’s disease.

Footnotes :

Like any food they too have their ill effects. They contain oxalates cause crystallization. Patients suffering from kidney stones or gallbladder problems should refrain from eating almonds.

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