Impressive Benefits Of Henna

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Henna is perceived differently by people in many ways. Some people relate henna as the dark brown or red dye for coloring hair. It is also synonymous to the plant from which the dye is derived. Henna is known by different names at different places like Egyptian privet and hina but it all points to the same plant. A henna plant can be recognised by its small pink or white flowers, and the small fruit it holds. Henna is used in a many ways like dye, liquid forms, tinctures, and medical ointments composed of the seeds, leaves and bark. Henna is a very vital component in cultural medicines, and also in Ayurvedic medicines. The most available forms of henna used in medicine are oil, seeds and bark. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, low blood pressure cures, antibacterial, antiviral  and astringent effects, etc. Henna is used as an herbal treatment in the west while it is used in ease for many purposes.

Given below are the many impressive health benefits of henna.

Benefits Of Henna :

      1.Skin Repair :

Henna protects the human skin from infections and swelling. Applying it on the affected area acts as a protective layer to prevent against foreign pathogens. Its cooling abilities reduces the heat from the skin. It is also used in the treatment of sunburns.


  1. Pain And Fever Reducers :

Henna reduces fevers. When fevers cause increase in temperatures as a symptom for other anomalies in the body, it can be hazardous for the organs and other functions. Henna lowers the temperature of the body vitally and can achieves this by sweat and cooling the body to provide some relief.

  1. Headaches and Migraines :

The henna juice is beneficial for the treatment of headaches. It helps to reduce tension and promotes blood circulation and helps to reduce headaches and migraines.

  1. Anti swelling Capacity :

Henna oil is prescribed in the arthritic and rheumatic treatments. By growing older the joints develop more pain can result in painful swelling in different parts of the human body. Applying henna oil on the inflamed area can guarantee a healthier way to lead an active and a happy life.

  1. Astringent Capacity :

Henna has antioxidant capacity and has anti aging capacity. Henna oil is applied on the skin to eradicate the signs of aging, scars and other blights thus protecting the skin.

  1. Insomnia :

Henna oil diminishes some sleep problems. To people suffering from sleeplessness or antipsychotics, henna oil can get us back to a normal, free schedule of rest by easing the mind, inducing it into a relaxed sleep.

  1. Detoxification :

Drinking a glass of henna with an immersed leaves or bark of the plant in water enhances abdominal activities and liver which protects the body by eliminating the toxic substances that get built up in the body. By increasing the efficiency of its function and its health, a broad range of abnormal health conditions can be prevented.

  1. Hair :

People normally use henna on the hair for dyeing purposes. Apart from that it increases the hair strength and is a safe dye that temporarily affects the follicles. Henna helps to protect the hair cuticle, thereby reducing the risks of breaking, and enhancing the lustre and look of the hair to those ailing from baldness or hair loss. The mixture of henna oil or juice with curds cures from all the hair problems.


  1. Nail Health :

The space under the nails and  cuticles are the locations for infections to occur due to the bacterial presence. So in this case henna is used to treat the affected nails. Having a glass of water with henna leaves boiled in it helps to reduce the risks of cracking of nails and also to reduce swelling. Medical dressing on the nail beds can cure infection, irritation and pain in those nail regions.

  1. Hypertension :

    The most important and underestimated effects of henna is its health benefits of heart. By having a cup of henna seeds or water, removes stress from the circulatory system and minimizes blood pressure. This can help prevent atherosclerosis and thrombocytes in the heart thus eliminating the risks of strokes and heart attacks.

Footnote :

Though henna are completely safe and free from toxic substances, black henna has some allergenic substances that causes skin eruption and pelvic pain to some. Before appending any contemporary herbal medicine to our usual diet, it is advisable to consult with doctor. Moreover hair dyes that assert to be made from henna constitute many other substances that people with sensitive skin may not acknowledge.

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