How To Sleep During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy brings a lot of joy for a family. But, the mother really has a hard time during the entire pregnancy period. You must know how to sleep during pregnancy as one needs to be extremely conscious when it comes to taking care of the baby.  Besides, proper medication and vaccination, the number of required sleeping hours are also necessary to be taken. You just cannot afford to sleep in any position you want because you have a baby in your womb. Additionally, the growing belly turns it impossible to sleep in almost any position.

How Not To Sleep During Pregnancy?

  • You need to take care that you don’t lie directly on your back as it may create pressure upon your spine and reduce the overall blood flow. It may lead to swelling, pains and hemorrhoids.
  • You must not lie over your tummy as it shall lead to miscarriage. Sleeping on your tummy during the pregnancy is the worst sleeping position that can be adopted by a mommy-to-be.

Snoring During Pregnancy

  • The obstructive sleep apnea leads to breathlessness and shallow sleep often forms the primary reason for restlessness during the pregnancy tenure.
  • Different people have different breathing suspensions depending upon the severity of the sleep apnea they are suffering from. The reduced airway passage within your body results in heavy snoring. The body reacts to the lower airway passage by a loud gasp or a snort. Generally, people with sleep apnea do not get a quality sleep.
  • 75% of the pregnant women suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. This problem is quite widespread amongst the women during the later months of pregnancy.
  • Besides the reduced airway passage, swollen nasal glands may also be responsible for those undesired midnight melodies. The higher estrogen levels contribute to the swollen mucus membrane linings.
  • The blood flow level can witness a reduction that leads to vessel expansion and swollen mucus membranes
  • Congestion caused due to cold and allergies can also cause snoring

Snoring solutions during pregnancy

  • The head can be slightly elevated when you take your sleeping position. Avoid raising your back portion through pillows.
  • Avoid eating excessive oily stuff and gaining weight
  • Say “no-no” to sleeping pills, alcohol and tobacco. These three are strictly prohibited for the pregnant woman.
  • Try to take regular morning walks so that blood flow can be enhanced
  • Keep yourself relaxed by watching healthy stuff on the television. Avoid any kind of stress that can bring a bad effect on your baby

Sleep apnea during pregnancy

Maximum of the moms-to-be have been reported to have lesser sleeping hours than the normal. Sleep apnea blocks airway passage from your body. This can be harmful to you and the baby-to-be. In case you feel that you are lately having this problem then consult a doctor soon. Reduced sleeping hours result in the negative effect on the developing baby. It rigorously stresses the mother and results in the reduced health of the baby.

How to deal with sleep apnea during pregnancy?

Sleep apnea has been linked with medical conditions in which the patient develops various cardiovascular ailments and high blood pressure:

  • People who suffer from sleep apnea are given special mouth guards for keeping the airways open.
  • Sometimes, the masks are hooked up with special machines that impart steady flow of air while the person is sleeping
  • Special nostril devices are also available for keeping the airway open
  • Use breathing strips for avoiding sleep apnea
  • Saline spray and humidifiers can work wonders over the blocked nasal passages

How many hours to sleep during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman needs to take at least take 8 hours sleep along with few short naps during the day time. She should stay relaxed and cut down upon straining thoughts. The more rest shall a woman take; the more easily she will be able to deliver a baby. Women who sleep less than 6 hours in a day are more likely to have a cesarean, whereas the ones who sleep normally are able to give birth naturally.

How to use full body pillows to sleep during pregnancy?

You can use two pillows during pregnancy to relieve fatigue and body pain. One pillow can be slide beneath the head and the second be can be made to put underneath your belly. The heavy belly might be a source of discomfort at overnight. Therefore, putting a pillow beneath it can help. Moreover, it will enhance blood circulation along with encountering sleep apnea.

Another method to have a stress-free sleep during pregnancy is to place the pillow between the legs.  Pillows can be used in multiple ways for support during the pregnancy. You can select a pillow that is soft and suitable in size. Special pregnancy pillows which are specifically devised for pregnant women are also available in the market.

How to sleep during pregnancy in the first trimester?

How to sleep during pregnancy first 3 months?

(How to sleep in 1st, 2nd, 3rd month of pregnancy?)

The first trimester of pregnancy is quite tiring for the mom-to-be.  She might feel restless and irritated due to various reasons. However, few simple hacks will help her to have a better sleep during the initial stage of pregnancy.

The first trimester is marked by lower difficulty in sleeping. Therefore you can choose to sleep normally in at your left-hand side. Make sure you don’t sleep on your belly or directly over your back in any case. Sleeping at the left-hand side improvises blood flow along with letting proper nutrients flow to your fetus. Besides, it helps your body to get rid of the fluids and waste.

How to sleep during pregnancy in the second trimester?

(How to sleep in 4th, 5th, 6th month of pregnancy?)

The second phase of pregnancy or the honeymoon phase of pregnancy is marked by more peace and confidence. Although, you may not get to sleep the way you used to sleep before. Yet, there is a peculiar kind of happiness in everything that is connected with pregnancy.

The fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy have medical sleeping troubles. Therefore, you need to consult a health specialist as soon as you identify them. If you are fine with the previous sleeping positions, then you can continue with them. After all, sleeping on your left-side is always advisable no matter at what phase of pregnancy you are.

How to sleep during pregnancy in the third trimester?

(How to sleep in 7th, 8th, 9th month of pregnancy?)

The third trimester is the most challenging period of the pregnancy. It is marked by frequent urination, uncomfortable feeling and constant exhaustion. The baby can kick you up from your sleep multiple times at night. Moreover, you can witness constant itching, scars and irritation all over your skin. The baby hair that begin to grow during the third trimester are responsible for such symptoms.

  • Apply skin friendly anti-itching lotions over your body
  • Use pillows in order to feel cozier
  • Wear lose nightgowns and preclude tight fitting clothes
  • Try sleeping at left-side along with wedging the pillows in-between your legs

When to change sleep positions during pregnancy?

You don’t have to change too many positions while you are sleeping during your pregnancy.  Sleeping at your left-hand side with pillows slipped beneath is the best position that can be adopted. However, if you feel a slight discomfort then lying down at your right-hand side can also be done. In case you want, you can take a short walk and change the position of the pillows and try to sleep again.

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