How to Sleep Better A Guide for Sleep Better

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Why do we need sleep? Given the busy times we have today, a lot of workaholics often think that sleep is just a waste of time. However, we shouldn’t adopt this mindset. No matter how our jobs are fast becoming 24-hour operations, we still need to reward our bodies with the rest they need for them to best serve their functions.The benefits of learning to sleep better

  • Sleeping better boosts our immune systems. If we don’t get to sleep enough, our immune system weakens, thus, making the body susceptible to disease and infections. It will be easy for viruses to penetrate us if this is so. Sleep is also the time our worn-out and tired bodies repair themselves.
  • Sleeping better strengthens our learning capacity and memory. When we sleep, our bodies and minds go on re-set mode. It is the time our memories are organized and recovered. If during that day we learned something new, sleep is what will fortify that information into our brains.
  • Sleeping better enhances our moods. People who are well rested are more congenial and tend to be less irritable than those who suffer from sleep disorders. We are able to concentrate more and make better decisions when we have had enough sleep the night before. In short, because of sleep, our bodies and mental functions are at their optimal performances.

Sleep BetterGiven that sleep poses these health and social benefits, we must, therefore, seek ways on how to sleep better. Sure, we can always find an excuse and say we’re just too busy doing too many things. But we have to keep in mind that our bodies can only go so far and needs to rest.

Here are some tips on how to sleep better:

  • During the day, avoid taking naps. This will only semi-reset your body and make sleep longer to achieve during the night. You should also limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption — stay away from coffee, caffeine-containing sodas, and chocolate. Also, it does not pay to smoke. Not only will smoking cause harm to your lungs, but the nicotine it contains can also prevent you from getting good, uninterrupted sleep.
  • It would also help to have bedtime rituals before you turn in for the night. These rituals would send a signal to your body that it’s time for it to shut down for a bit and get prepped for the next day. If you’re going to bed with worries in your head, list down all these ‘to do’s’ and anxieties before you turn the lights out. Experts say that jotting them down would give the impression that you have put your cares aside for the next day, instead of carrying them into sleep.
  • Make sure you are sleeping in an environment that will ensure a good night’s sleep. Make it a rule that your bedroom is only for sleeping. Do work in another room. Also, try not to look at the clock every so often. It will only make you more conscious of time and, thus, prevent you from sleeping soundly. Better yet, hide the clock.

Sleep is necessary for everyone. No matter how much you might want to argue that you’re fueling your body with enough vitamins anyway, nothing can still beat the benefits of being able to sleep well. Our bodies work hard for us. It’s only right that we reward ourselves with the rest we deserve.

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