How To Get Rid Of Hookworms

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The most common parasitic infection in the world is the Hookworm infection. On an average it affects nearly half a billion people worldwide. This affliction is caused by a bloodsucking hookworm. Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus species of hookworms that infect humansHookworms affect all people and the problem with them is the lack of specific symptoms. Although hookworms are not lethal they are equally dangerous when human beings are affected by it. Anemia and protein deficiency occur over prolonged infection and minor infections include stomach distress, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. In extreme conditions lack of nutrients can cause cardiac arrest. They also cause mother and child morbidness.

Eliminating hookworms are important because they can upset the body’s immune system and cause other major serious problems in the body.Hookworms are generally passed on from pets to humans, unclean food and water in the developing countries. Various medicinal remedies like anthelmintic drugs but they can cause harm to the human body. These medicinal remedies do not guarantee the complete elimination of the hookworms. As a result natural and herbal remedies for hookworms have become popular. These remedies have proved to be effective and hence are used world-wide.

Get Rid Of Hookworms

The Home-made remedies to eradicate Hookworms include :

  1. Garlic :

    Usage of garlic is one of the most effective way to cure our body of hookworms. Unlike any other remedy for hookworm, garlics are found in a almost all parts of the world. Allicin, an active ingredient in garlic has to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic in nature. Adding garlic or concentrated garlic powder our meals can cause in the total elimination of roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and the other parasites in our body.

  1. Wormwood :

    Wormwoods are being used for hundreds of years for animals and humans affected by the parasites. Regular consumption of the herb or in the form of herbs can result in the starvation of the hookworms and then they are passed out of the body by normal excretion.

  1. Coconut :

    Coconut fruit and oil are considered one of the best natural remedies in the treatment of parasitic worms and has been trusted by many for its rich anti-parasitic qualities. It is one of the most accessible natural remedy for parasitic infections.

  1. Cloves :

Cloves are not only delicious but also has perfect anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic qualities. Daily consumption of these herbs can result in the total elimination of these parasites which drain our body off its nutrients.

  1. Papaya :

Papaya fruits are known for their rich nutritional compounds. They are at their best in their natural unripe form. Papain, a particular enzyme found in papaya helps not only to kill the parasites but also helps in the elimination of these worms from our body.

  1. Carom seeds :

    Carom seeds have a nutrient factor called thymol present in them. Regular cosumption helps to increase the health and strength of the intestinal system, making it very difficult for the parasites to develop in them.

  1. Pumpkin seeds :

    They make the intestinal tracts incompatible for the parasites to grow. It has a nutritional component called ‘cucurbitacin’ which helps in the prevention of parasites from attaching to the walls of the intestines.

  1. Carrots :

    These vegetables are rich in beta carotene which breaks down into Vitamin A. It is a very powerful antioxidant and destroys parasitic eggs before they hatch and prevents more serious damage.

  1. Turmeric :

    This herb provides two-fold treatment for parasitic infections namely the symptoms and the core problem. The natural anti-parasitic nature of the herb treats the parasitic eggs and destroys them and also soothes the gastro-intestinal tracts and helps in the prevention of bloats, cramps and inflammation.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth :

    One of the best ways to prevent us and our surroundings from parasitic infection is to safeguard our pets and animals from them. The food grade diatomaceous earth has microscopic algae which is a natural remedy for the treatment of parasites and adding a little amount of it to our pet’s food will result in the total elimination of these harmful parasites.

  1. Thyme :

Thyme is a very effective remedy for the extermination of the parasites and the active ingredients present in it have proven anti-parasitic properties. It is available throughout the world and it is safe even for pets.

  1. Wearing shoes :

If you happen to step on the eggs or lava of the hookworms they will find their way inside to our intestinal tracts to feed and grow. Especially if we walk barefoot it is enough for them to invade our bodies. This happens mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical areas. Having said that it does not mean that other areas are not borne to these kind of parasitical attack. Walking with shoes on is the best way to safeguard ourselves from these parasites.

  1. Deworming pets :

    This remedy is enough for us to prevent the spreading of hookworms around our household. there are several deworming medications and checkups being provided to relieve pets from parasites. Elimination the prime sources of hookworms helps in the significant dropout of the attacks of parasites.

  1. Sanitation :

Proper sanitation facilities helps in the elimination of hookworms. Foods and water from improper sanitary conditions aids the development of hookworms. These can be eliminated by properly washing food and drinking sterilised drinking water. Buying foods from trusted sources will definitely fend us from hookworm infection.

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