The Most Common Symptoms and Causes of Sleep Problems

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Over 50% of adult Americans experience some type of sleep problems on a regular basis. Insomnia is characterized by having difficulty falling into sleep, frequently waking up during sleep, or waking up too early and not being able to get back to sleep. If you have one of these sleep problems then you have insomnia.

Since everyone’s needs and satisfaction with sleep differ, insomnia cannot types of sleep disordersbe defined by the number of hours of sleep or how fast you fall asleep. It all depends on how much you feel refreshed after you wake up. Some sleep problems are short-term, or they can keep occurring on most nights and last for months.

There are many causes of sleep problems. These problems occur mostly to people who are over the age 60, are females, and have some form of depression. Short-term type insomnias such as transient and intermittent insomnia occur mainly due to stress, environmental noise, temperature, a sudden change in surroundings, or a sudden change in sleeping patterns. Doctors also recommend people with sleep problems to cut down on excessive exercise, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, ingesting too much caffeine and long napping.

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