Can You Sleep Too Much?

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Researchers have not defined a certain number of hours an individual needs to sleep each night because there are many things that can influence that number. However, they all agree that too little or too much sleep can have negative consequences. There are some steps that people can take to regain a normal sleeping pattern.

There may be underlying causes for a person sleeping excessively. Some may not even believe it to be a problem. An individual may need some extra rest for a few nights if experiencing “sleep debt,” where they did not receive sufficient sleep for a period of time. Beyond that, it has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality rates. This makes it a serious matter that needs attention.

In order to establish good sleeping patterns, it is vital to create good routines that will lead body and mind to recognize sleep time. This begins by creating a plan. A generalized plan for each day is a good place to begin. Then, specific tasks for individual days can be added in. By having a structured time for meals and other routine activities, it begins to create a groove in the mind of how the events of the day should unfold.

Using a friendly alarm tone set at the same time every day of the week will help a person to wake up and avoid sleeping too much. If the alarm is unpleasant, the individual is likely to shut it off and go back to sleep angry. Also, setting it at the same time, even on days off, helps to establish a rhythm.

Creating a morning routine that begins upon waking will help to establish the switch from asleep to awake time. Some people find that dry brushing before getting out of bed is a great way to begin the day. Using an all natural brush, circles are made on the legs and arms, stimulating blood and lymph fluids.

The routine may include a shower, beverage, or a walk around the block. The point is to create the same pattern each day immediately upon waking.

Some people may not have healthy sleep patterns due to alcohol or other drugs. The only solution in this case is to minimize or, preferably, eliminate the toxic substances. Over time, abuse of them can create many additional problems.

Exercising during the earlier part of the day can also be helpful. However, it should be avoided in the four hours prior to bedtime. Otherwise, the body may still be too stimulated to go to sleep.
Additionally, beverages and heavy meals should not be consumed during the hours prior to sleep. If the body energy is focused on digestion, sleep may not be as restful.

When a person has too much sleep, it is important that they change their diet and behavior in order to rectify the situation. Establishing a daily routine and avoiding toxic substances are both beneficial. Also, those who sleep excessively need to get plenty of exercise.

To sum it all up, you need to sleep. If you are sleeping too much, then there is probably an underlying issue. Apply these tips and you should be able to get back on track, having a regular sleeping habit.

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