Best Sleeping pillow for pregnancy, A Review And Expert Buyers Guide

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During pregnancy, sufficient sleeping is of crucial importance, both for the mother and the baby. But it becomes difficult to enjoy a sound sleep. As the time passes it becomes harder and harder. Especially the first and third trimester becomes very brutal and having a sound sleep seems like daydreaming.Sleeping pillow for pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, because of the expanded size of the tummy, it becomes nearly impossible to sleep comfortably. A pregnancy pillow is that superb product that you will appreciate as it is incomparable to let you sleep comfortably. These pillows are also known as maternity pillow.

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As pregnancy pillows are specially designed to support your body’s expanded shape, they are just like a blessing for a would-be mother. This maternity pillow is no less than a wonderful piece as it not only helps to sleep comfortably but also reduces lower back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain and other general discomforts considerably.

Types of Pregnancy pillows :

All pregnancy pillows are not of same kinds. They differ in terms of types, benefits, and prices. Before you decide what type of pillow would be apt for you, you should know all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Their size, shape and outer look are also different from each other. Here we will discuss different types of pregnancy pillows so that you can easily choose the right one for your need.

1.Wedge Pillow :

Wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows are perhaps the cheapest option available for pregnancy pillows. These pillows provide great support throughout the night by sliding under the back or tummy.

The greatest advantage of these types of pillows is they don’t require much space. So if your bed is not large enough, these pillows may be the best option for you. Because of smaller size, you can carry them anywhere while traveling.

These pillows also come with some downsides.

The main problem you may face with these pillows is they don’t provide support to the whole body, rather a small section of your body.

Another downside you may take into account that as these pillows are small in size, you will have to use head pillow also.

2.Full-length pregnancy pillow :

Full-length pregnancy pillows are also known as body pillows. These pillows as the name suggest, run along the length of your body. These pillows are found in two different styles. One is straight while another one is flexible.

The main advantage of full-length pregnancy pillow is it provides support to your whole body.

Again, when you have a full body pillow, you won’t have to use an extra head pillow.

The main problem with these pillows are they provide less support for your back, hence are not a good choice for back sleepers.

Plus, these pillows take up much space in your bed. So only if your bed is large enough, you can go along.

3.Total body pregnancy pillow :

Total body pillows are the most useful pregnancy pillows as they provide superior support by wrapping around the whole body. They are big enough to curl up inside easily.

As these pillows support your front and back equally, you won’t have to suffer from back pain which is a common problem during pregnancy. Extraspinal support provided by these pillows is the most important benefit you would admire.

But these are the most expensive type of pregnancy pillows. You will find C shaped and U shaped pregnancy pillows which serve a different purpose.

The main concern of these pillows is they mostly come with a very high price.

And due to their big size, it’s difficult to carry.

Now as you know the various types of pregnancy pillows and their pros and cons, you should proceed with the factors you need to know and consider while purchasing.

If you read this top ten pregnancy pillow review, you will certainly be able to make the right purchase. Let’s have a look at these wonderful maternity pillows :

1.Zen Bamboo Pregnancy pillow

Zen Bamboo Pregnancy pillow is a wonderful piece that you can call a whole package. When you have one of these, you won’t need any other pillow. This pillow works as a space saver in your bed as it takes the place of multiple pillows.

The unique C shape and size of the pillow provide support to your head, back, legs and tummy at the same time. In this way, it lessens many pregnancy issues like leg aches, hurt burn, back pain, and Sciatica, ( caused by the extra pressure in nerves).

This Zen Bamboo Pregnancy pillow is designed with excellently soft and breathable cover that makes it absolute skin friendly.

Another important benefit of this maternity pillow is you can clean it very easily. It comes with zippered rayon which makes it easier to remove the cover and clean.

The most tempting feature of this maternity pillow is you can use this pillow comfortably as body pillow even after your pregnancy period.

The manufacturers are so confident about quality that they are offering a 30- day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund.

So, get one right now or else you will regret why didn’t get one earlier!

  • Doesn’t require extra head pillow
  • Easy to remove the cover and clean
  • Soft, breathable and skin friendly cover
  • Prevent leg cramps, back pain, heartburn and many more
  • Excellent also as a body pillow
  • Relatively high price
  • Not Thick Enough


2.Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is another versatile maternity pillow you would love. The U shape and cute pink and blue dual sided cover of the pillow will make you feel rejuvenated.

The pillow is specially designed for would be mothers and can be used in numerous position to support the entire body and help to get a better night’s sleep. Its wide head section will allow you to sleep comfortably.

The manufacturers specialize the pillow comfort and hence it can reduce most of the pregnancy discomforts like back and stomach aches, joint issues, hurt burn and so on. Furthermore, This pillow also helps to recover from injury.

This queen rose pillow is also easy to clean. It has a long zippered and washable cover which makes it easier to remove the pillowcase and wash.

Another good news for you! You can use this pillow as a nursing pillow after pregnancy.

  • Incredibly versatile.
  • Provides excellent support for the whole body
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • May flatten quickly, hence need frequent plumping
  • No Pillow Case


3.Bluestone Contoured U Shape Pregnancy pillow

Bluestone U shaped pregnancy pillow is one of the most popular multifunctional pillows. The manufacturer has been attentive in comfort issue and made the pillow extra large to provide enough support to both the front and back side.

By providing absolute support to your entire body, the pillow helps to get rid of Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Heartburn, backaches, Hip pain and knee aches considerably.

This all in one maternity pillow will take the place of several pillows and serve you the utmost comfort.

The pillowcase is 100% cotton that makes it hypoallergenic. You can remove and wash the cover very easily.

Another attracting feature of this maternity pillow is its versatility. You can form and use it for too many purposes like reading, watching TV, relaxing or breastfeeding your baby.

Despite such amazing features, the manufacturer, however, has kept the price very reasonable.

In a word, this wonderful maternity pillow may be the one you are looking for!

  • Great support for the whole body
  • Multifunctional
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Prevents almost all pregnancy issues
  • Removable and washable pillow cover
  • Extra large size takes up a lot of space in the bed
  • Frequent replacements


4.PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc company is well known for the orthopedic and fitness improving quality of their pillows. Their pillows are designed to provide excellent support to the entire body, especially to the spinal alignment.

You can fold the pillow as you want and meet your instant need. You can also give the shape of a nest to provide extra support to your belly, shoulder and lower back. As a result, you may remain free from health problems like leg cramps, back pain, gastric problem and many more.

This C-shaped maternity pillow is comparably compact than other similar products. So, if you don’t have an extra large bed, this one can be your perfect partner.

This body pillow is made of chemical free polyfill foam with a hypoallergenic and soft cotton cover which is easily washable.

You can keep on using the pillow even after pregnancy as a nursing pillow.

These amazing features make it absolutely worthy of your money.

  • Very comfortable pillow material and fabric.
  • Can be shaped easily.
  • Gives relief from pains of different body parts.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • May not be a comfortable option for taller women.
  • Seems less strong.


5.Dream Premium U Shape Comfortable Pregnancy pillow

Another high-quality maternity pillow, Dream Premium U shape Comfortable pregnancy pillow improves your night’s sleep and keeps you active all the day long!

This high-quality pillow allows deep sleep as it includes contoured design to provide top to toe support. It provides 360-degree support to prevent hypertension, Lumber acerbity, Back pain, hip pain and many more.

It’s filling is of premium cotton which is soft, fluffy and the inner cover is breathable to provide you absolute comfort.The pillowcase is made of excellent quality cotton fabric and includes a double zipper. That’s why you can easily take out and clean it on your machine.

You would love the fact that this maternity pillow is also great for nursing newborns.

Another great news is, the company is offering a 30- days refund guarantee if you face any issue with the product.

So, why to delay? Get one and enjoy your pregnancy!

  • Excellent option both for pregnancy and nursing the infant.
  • Easily washable.
  • Provide superb quality support to the belly, neck, back, and leg.
  • Because of U shape, you don’t have to flip the pillow while changing your side.
  • Seems not dense like most other quality pillows.
  • Because of bulky size, takes up most of the space of your bed.


6.ComfySure U shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

ComfySure U shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is another wonderful piece that any woman will love. It’s generously big size will allow your head, neck, tummy, and leg to rest comfortably. As a result, you may get relief from Sciatica, gastric reflux, pains of different body parts and enjoy your waiting for the arrival of the baby. That’s why it is one of the highly recommendable pillows by professionals.

As the pillow is bulky sized, you won’t need an extra head pillow.

This maternity pillow is not only great for enjoying a sound sleep, but also a good option for lounging or reading cushion, watching TV and so on. Even when your pregnancy period is over, it will serve you as a nursing pillow.

Moreover, this maternity pillow is absolutely hypoallergenic. As the pregnant body tend to be sensitive, the pillow doesn’t have any foam or feathers which makes it completely skin friendly.

This well designed U shaped pillow has another benefit especially for those who sweat a lot. Unlike most of the pillows, the entire pillow is machine washable. But, obviously, it comes with a removable cover which can be washed very easily.

  • Offers complete support to the entire body.
  • Ideal for taller women.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Healthy for even the sensitive skin.
  • Entire pillow is submergible.
  • Not an ideal option for those who don’t have a large bed.

7.PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy pillow with a Jersey Cover

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy pillow also a wonderful pillow to mention which is a great combination of support and comfort. It’s unique C shaped design delivers excellent support to the natural curves of your pregnant body. The shape allows your neck, shoulder, spine, and hips to rest comfortably that prevents body pains and improves your sleeping quality.

The pillow material allows you to mold it as you want for the ultimate support. So, you won’t need any other extra pillows in your bed.

Not only for sleeping, you can use the pillow also for reading, watching TV or relaxing in the daytime. And most importantly, it’s also a great option for breastfeeding your baby.

As the name suggests, the pillow comes with a jersey cover which is super soft, smooth and hypoallergenic. The fabric material is absolutely breathable. The removable cover of the pillow is machine washable. But if you don’t want to wash it frequently, you can also clean any spot with a damp cloth. Spare pillowcases are also available to make cleaning while using easier.

  • Delivers support to the entire body.
  • Prevents all kinds of allergens on the bed.
  • Detachable and washable pillowcase.
  • Prevents body pains, joint pain, and leg swallowing.
  • While trying to confirm the pillow, the inner covering can rip and the stuffing can loosen.


8.Meiz U shaped Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


Meiz U shaped Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is another adjustable body shape curved pregnancy pillow. The pillow will be curved to fit your body pressure allowing you to have an undisturbed sound sleep.

You can use this multifunctional body pillow to meet your various needs. Whether you want to use it for studying, relaxing or watching TV, it’ll serve as per your instant need. Even when you are no longer pregnant, you can it for breastfeeding your baby.

Another excellent feature of the pillow is its premium quality filling. It’s high-density Bionic – Polyethylene filling is extra soft, odor free and super comfortable. It’s also hypoallergenic and safe for your health condition.

In pregnancy period most women suffer from sciatica, leg swelling, backaches, hypertension, acid reflux and many more complexities. This maternity pillow reduces these health issues and improves your sleeping quality.

Moreover, this excellent quality pillow comes at an affordable price. On the top of that, the manufacturer offers a 30 days satisfaction guarantee with a refund.

  • Provides total support to your entire body.
  • Premium quality filling.
  • Reduces almost all pregnancy issues.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Affordable price.
  • Slippery material.
  • Not a good option for smaller beds.


9.Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge shaped pillow is a great piece that boasts of providing perfect pregnancy solution. This pillow is said as ‘miracle find’ as it relieves backaches, stomach aches, pelvic pain and hip pain also.

Its dual technology provides the best comfort for all three trimesters of the pregnancy. The pillow includes a soft foam layer on one side and a firm foam layer in another side which is helpful for extra flexibility to adjust your sleeping requirements.

You can place the pillow under your belly, behind your back or between your knees as you want.

This wedge pillow can be an ideal option for those who don’t have an extra large bed. Its compact size doesn’t take up much space in your bed and also allows you to carry it everywhere. Another advantage of this feature is, it allows your partner to snuggle close to you. This tiny size also allows moving as you switch your side.

The removable and easily washable pillow cover is made of soft and plush velboa fabric which is skin friendly also.

This wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow is absolutely budget friendly. In a word, it represents a great combination of affordability and comfort ability.

  • Versatile uses.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Allows different sleeping position.
  • Ideal for smaller beds.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Tend to lose it’s shape easily.
  • Provides support to certain body parts at one time.


10.Puredown U Shaped Full body Pregnancy Pillow

Puredown pregnancy Pillow is another popular pillow that worth your consideration. This unique U shaped pillow is designed specially to adjust the natural contours of your pregnant body. This feature helps to relieve sleeping discomforts and body aches. It also reduces heartburn, nasal congestion and carpal tunnel syndromes.

So, if you are struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position, you will definitely admire this product.

The versatility of the pillow allows to use it for reading, relaxing or watching TV. This maternity pillow can also be switched to the nursing pillow when pregnancy is over.

Moreover, the pillow comes with a removable and machine washable pillow cover which makes it easy to clean and use. This pillow cover is absolutely hypoallergenic. So, you can remain relaxed about your and your baby’s health protection.

Considering all these functions, this pillow can be your next purchase.

  • Supports both sides of your body.
  • Relieves different pains and difficulties.
  • Safe for skin health.
  • Machine washable.
  • manufacturing quality seems poor.

Here in this top 10 pregnancy pillow review, we have mentioned some of the best maternity pillows who deliver what they promise.Here we compiled different types of products so that whatever your requirements are, you can find something fit for you.

Things to consider before buying a pregnancy pillow :

Let’s have a look at the factors you should consider while buying a pregnancy pillow.

1.How is the shape of the pillow? :

As pregnancy pillows are mostly for comfort, the first thing you need to decide is which shape would be more comfortable for you. Pregnancy pillows are available in different shapes like a wedge or rectangular shape, C- shape and U- shape. Again some pillows also come with detachable parts. So you can determine the shape as per your preferences.

2.What’s about the size of the pillow :

The second thing you need to think is the size of the pillow. If you are taller than average women, you will need one that matches your body length. Make sure to choose one that can provide support from head to toe so that you can enjoy your sleep.

3.The fabric of the pillow :

The next thing you need to look for is, which fabric has been used for the pillow and the cover.

You must check the pillow material and the fabric of the case as it will remain in direct contact with your body. That’s why it must not be irritating and the fabric must be breathable so that you can sleep comfortably and peacefully. Those which are made from 100% cotton, are soft and breathable at the same time. So, they are more recommendable. Apart from this, you can also consider Fusion TM Fiberfill.

4.Is the pillow cover removable? :

As the pregnancy pillows are mostly big and bulky, it’s not easy to wash. So, if your pillow comes with a removable case, you can easily clean it. For this reason before choosing your maternity pillow, take this point in an account.

5.Is the price reasonable? :

Price is an important consideration while buying anything. Here is no exception. You can compare the price of the different manufacturer who provides the same quality product. While comparing make sure that the pillow is comfortable and worth your money at the same time.

By investing in one of these maternity pillows, you can secure your night’s sleep, day’s activity and send a message to your unborn child that, his / her well-being is your first priority.


The right way to use pregnancy pillow :

If you use your maternity pillow in a proper way, it will reduce the pains from most of your body parts like knees, hips, abdomen, back, and feet. Here is how to use pregnancy pillow to derive maximum benefit.

Every individual is different from each other, hence we will provide some sleeping position so that you can try different positions and select that suits you the most.

1.Sleeping on the side and putting a leg on the pillow :

According to the medical science, sleeping on your body side helps the blood flow efficiently which is very helpful both for the mother and the baby. This position also helps to have a better sleep. This position also reduces leg swelling and joint aching.

2.Putting a pillow under the belly :

As the pregnancy develops, your belly needs support to sleep well. If you are facing discomfort like back waist pain, support your belly with a maternity pillow. This will relieve your pain significantly.

3.Sleeping on your tummy :

This position may be used during the first trimester but it’s not right when the uterus starts to expand.

4.Sleeping on your back :

Sleeping on your back is not recommendable during pregnancy period. Sleeping in this position may lead to pressurize on your vain which may result in less oxygen transmission to the fetus.

Instruction for using different types of pregnancy pillows :

A pregnancy pillow is used to support your body while sleeping. Here is the proper way to use different pillows.

Wedge-shaped Maternity pillow:

1.At first, place the lower part of the pillow under your belly.

2.Then adjust the pillow to support your belly perfectly.

If you use a wedge-shaped maternity pillow, you should sleep on your side. If you use your wedge pillow in a proper way, it will secure your belly and promote blood circulation.

Full-length maternity pillow :

This type of pregnancy pillows is great to be hugged and cuddled. You can sleep with this pillow by placing your legs and arms around it. It will support the midsection of your body.

Total body pregnancy pillow :

1.Place the pillow on the bed so that the bumpy part remains in front.

2.Then get into the pillow by slipping your hand under it just like you are hugging it.

3.Lying on your side, adjust the pillows that it supports your head, neck and back properly.

4.Adjust the bumpy side of the pillow so that it may support your belly well.

5.Put the end side of the pillow between your legs just like hugging.

In this way, your whole body will get proper support and remain secured.

FAQS about pregnancy pillow :

1.Why do I need a pregnancy pillow? Can’t a regular pillow serve the same purpose?

Ans: A regular pillow can’t provide the same support like a pregnancy pillow to your new body shape. A maternity pillow is specially designed to provide adequate support to your enlarged body shape.

Again, if you are experiencing discomfort and pain in lower back, hip or knee, a maternity pillow may reduce these problems considerably.

2.I am above/ below average height, can I use maternity pillow?

Ans: Yes, as pregnancy pillows are available in different sizes, height is not a problem. If you are above average height, you will need a 5-6 feet total body pillow, which is the large size. And if you are below average size, you may choose a smaller one according to your height.

3.When should I start using pregnancy pillow?

Ans: From the time, you start to feel discomfort while sleeping, you can start using a maternity pillow. Generally, the uterus starts to expand towards the third month. So, this time may be the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in any woman’s life. But it’s also difficult and challenging at the same time. This time, women’s body structure constantly changes and due to this, a sound sleep becomes difficult. This time most women face some more physical problems and discomforts like leg cramps, back pain, hip pain and so on.

As we live in a digital era, you surely will find some solution for any problem. However, here in this case, for all the difficulties a pregnant woman faces, the solution is a pregnancy pillow. This is perhaps the most workable solution as it is specially designed to lessen these pregnancy difficulties.

However, there are huge variations in terms of pillow type, size, quality, and price. That’s why it can be confusing to choose the right one according to your needs. Hence, to assist you in this process, we have listed 10 pregnancy pillows which have plenty of beneficial features and unique in their performances. While making this list we have considered their quality, ease and of use and prices.

Final words :

A maternity pillow, in a word, can be termed as a great investment both for your comfortable sleep and your partner who shares your bed. With a quality maternity pillow, your pregnancy period will become easier. By relieving your stress, pain, and discomfort, it will be the best sleeping partner. In this way, it will help you to keep healthy and prepare for the arrival of your baby.

So, why to delay? Hurry up, get one according to your requirements and bid adieu to restlessness and discomfort.

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