7 Simple ways to Prevent Teeth Cavities

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Oral health not many of us will worry about it because naturally, our teeth are so strong it won’t give you a symptom still it gets corroded to its root, ever heard about the term “visit your dentist at least once in six months”. We won’t do it because of our busy life schedule unless we experience that agonizing toothache and the dentist will recommend you fillings, but prevention is always better than cure. Remember your mouth is the window of your health.

The cause of tooth decay is the bacteria present in our mouth and these bacteria combine with carbohydrates present in our food to release acid. Unfortunately, our teeth are made up of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which are basic so if PH level of our mouth goes below 5.5(PH level of 7 is neutral anything below 7 is acidic), our teeth get corroded which results in a cavity.

 Brush at least twice a day:

Brushing twice a day with a fluoride paste removes plaques which reduces bacteria build up, also fluorides reduces ability of the bacteria to make acid. Brushing at night before sleep is equally important to brushing at morning because the saliva level in our mouth is considerably low at night, since saliva is basic in nature it reduces the strength of acid generated by bacteria, so it is necessary to brush at night in order prevent any acid build up inside our mouth. Change your tooth brush once in every two months because regular usage may wear out the bristles which will take a toll on your gums and don’t over brush your teeth because it will weaken the gums two to five minutes is the optimum time for brushing.


It is highly recommend flossing your teeth every day. Flossing removes debris left in our teeth gaps, carbohydrates from this food debris are converted into acid by the bacteria’s present in our mouth but if you can’t floss your teeth dentists suggest you to use a fluoride mouth wash. Compulsory flossing after every meal is a myth and don’t do it.

 Avoid Sugar:

Sugar is the main culprit when it comes to fighting tooth decay because of high carbohydrate content. One can always opt alternatives of sugar like honey, palm jaggery etc. Sugar consumed through candies can be replaced by opting for sugar free candies sweetened by xylitol and if you are drinking Soda, University of Philadelphia researchers found that you can minimize damage to teeth if you drink soda through a straw but make sure it doesn’t come in contact with your teeth.

 Opt for teeth friendly diets:

Teeth can be guarded from opting for diets rich in calcium like milk and cheese. Researches shown that calcium level in saliva increases after consuming cheese these increased calcium levels helps to re-mineralize teeth and prevent cavities from occurring. Studies found that wine and raisins also have compounds that kill decay causing bacteria’s but not highly recommended as it may also weaken the gums. It is highly suggested that you don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking wine.

 Regular dentist checkups:

Make yourself available for regular dentist check up at least once in every six months, not having tooth ache doesn’t mean that you have good oral health. Demand your dentist to remove oral plaque if you have any, check for early tooth decay and apply varnish or fluoride gel if necessary.

 Dental Sealants:

Dental Sealants helps you to avoid cavity. Sealants are thin plastic coatings painted on chewing surfaces of your molars and pre-molars. These pre-molars and molars are rough and uneven; they have small pits and grooves. Food debris have tendency to stick here for a long time, tooth brush bristles can’t reach the far end of teeth always. Sealants cover this exterior and create a protective shell thus preventing food debris getting struck here. Since most cavities occur to children it is best to seal their molars as soon as they develop it.

 Tooth Extraction:

Our main goal is to save teeth from cavity or decaying but there are some instances where tooth extraction is required as it may affect adjacent tooth. Occasionally tooth are extracted because it decayed way beyond repairable state, after tooth extraction some bleeding is generally expected so bite on a gauze pad for at least 30 minutes, if bleeding still persists bite on gauze pad and a tea bag for another 30 minutes and also avoid vigorous physical exercise for next 24 hours as it may affect blood clot on the extracted area.

Don’t go for tooth extraction unless you have another choice, dentist usually don’t recommend tooth extraction when they have a choice but some people insists on tooth extraction because root canal treatments cost high compared to tooth extraction. Remember your tooth won’t grow back and you have to suffer your remaining life without it; don’t make stupid choices for money sake.

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