5 Tips on pregnancy and diet to look better and feel healthier.

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When you become pregnant, a lot of self esteem issues may arise.  You may start to feel worse about yourself because of the way you look and feel inside.  You can make yourself look and feel better by only changing a few things.  Here are 5 tips on pregnancy and diet you should pay attention to:

  1. If you don’t already, start eating smaller meals evenly throughout the day.  The old days of eating 3 large meals a day has nearly come to an end.  Eating small meals throughout the day can have great benefits if your pregnant or not.  By eating more meals throughout the day, you are causing your digestive tract to continually work.  This will help relieve yourself of heart burn, constipation, and morning sickness.
  2. Get all the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Pregnancy and diet really comes down to getting enough of the right things in your body to help you and your baby.  During pregnancy you are advised to get a substantial amount more of each vitamin and mineral.  Folic acid, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, and iron are only to name a few.  Make sure to get all these in on a daily basis.  Vitamins and minerals are crucial for many aspects of development and recovery.
  3. Don’t smoke! Smoking is an overall horrible habit for your health.  Smoking during a pregnancy can lead to many problems with your baby including low body weight.  Smoking also plays  factor in your physical appearance.  Not having weathered skin and bad breath will only raise your self esteem during this already stressful time.
  4. Drink lots of water. This is also a great way to remedy common problems faced during pregnancy.  Water should always be looked at as an essential part of your diet even if you are not pregnant.  If you are exercising during your pregnancy, then water is even that much more important.
  5. Eat enough of the right foods.  It is recommended that you eat at least 300 more calories per day when you are pregnant.  This is to ensure the baby is receiving enough nutrients to develop the way it should be.  Just eating more calories isn’t going to be the best idea to keep yourself feeling healthy.  By just eating junk, you could potentially put on way more weight than is necessary during your pregnancy, and you are the one who is going to have to lose that weight.  Eat enough food but focus on getting the right nutrients from your food throughout this time.

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